Client Stories

“The approach to finance has been very personal - about what I care about most.”
“When IQ look at my finances, it makes me feel frankly, untroubled.”
“The best thing about working with IQ is complete peace of mind.”
“I have seen the work they’ve done for clients of mine, and the tangible results that they’ve achieved for them.”
“They’re so friendly and approachable. It has just made a world of difference to me.”
“I wanted a boutique agency that could cover a broad range of advice.”
“For me, the most important point was the fact that I was treated as a unique customer.”
“I’m very comfortable that our kids will be looked after by IQ.”
“You get the opportunity to build a relationship with the team.”
“I wanted a retirement plan in place to maintain my standard of living.”
“I don’t have to worry about my money anymore.”
“The best thing about working with IQ is the relationship I have with them.”
“They treat you as a whole family.”
“My family’s financial goals are at the heart of the work IQ does.”