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Retirement should be filled with new and unique adventures. Our mission is to inspire you to make the most of every day in your retirement. We will be there for you now and when you retire to ensure you make the right decisions.

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How we help

Pension Clarity

Pensions are complex. Our experts are here to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to deciding on what to do with your pension.

We take away the stress of navigating the pension landscape so that you can focus on what a fulfilling retirement looks like. We will review your current arrangements and build a plan to ensure your finances support the ambitions you have for your golden years.

Retirement Funding

Your retirement could last for 30 years or more. Using sophisticated financial modelling software, we demonstrate the impact different financial choices will have on your future and help you make fully informed decisions. It provides useful insights and answers to key questions such as: When will I be able to retire? How much money should I be saving for retirement? Should I consolidate my pensions?

Retirement Planning

Retirement is just as much a lifestyle transition as it is a financial one. We understand that this is not an easy transition for everyone, so we make it our mission to be there for you.

You now have more choice and flexibility than ever before over how and when you take money from your pension. You’ll want to feel sure, however, that the decisions you are making produce the results you want now and down the line.

Tax Efficiency

Ensuring your finances are structured in a tax-efficient way is key to growing your wealth. Your expert adviser will make sure you are maximising your tax allowances and mitigating your tax liabilities. So, you can feel rest assured that your finances are in safe hands and enjoy a hassle-free retirement.

Later Life Care

We are all living much longer. We need to take into consideration that as you get older, you or your partner may need to go into care. Your financial plan will ensure your finances cater to your future needs and that your well-being is taken care of. We can also advise you on the best insurance cover for you and your family.

Passing on Your Pension

As well as funding your retirement, pensions are a very tax-efficient way of passing on your wealth. We make sure your pension is passed onto your loved ones in the event of your death. Feel rest assured that any taxes due on your pension are minimised, and the tax burden passed on to your beneficiaries is reduced.



Find your pensions confusing? Wondering how much you need to retire? Want to plan ahead to protect your loved ones?

We have put together a useful guide and checklist to explain, in simple terms, what you need to do to prepare for retirement.

Case Study

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Minimising tax burdens and ensuring financial security for an IQ client at retirement.

Why us?

At Investment Quorum, we are proud of the work we have done to help our clients secure a comfortable retirement. Hear from some of our clients about their experiences with us:

“When IQ look at my finances, it makes me feel frankly, untroubled.”

“I trust every single one of them implicitly with managing my money.”

“I wanted a retirement plan in place to maintain my standard of living.”

“You get the opportunity to build a relationship with the team.”


Why is retirement planning so important?

Retirement planning is crucial because we are living longer than ever before. Without proper planning, you may run out of money to cover your living expenses, healthcare, and other costs. Planning ahead can help you manage these expenses and give you peace of mind, ensuring a comfortable retirement.

When should I start planning for my retirement?

It's best to start planning for retirement as soon as possible. This gives you more time to save and invest and to take advantage of compound interest. However, it's never too late to start, and even small contributions can make a difference.

When can I afford to retire comfortably?

You can retire comfortably when you have enough savings or other sources of income to cover your living expenses and future costs, such as any later life care you may need. This varies from person to person and depends on factors such as your lifestyle, retirement goals, and expected outgoings. We use sophisticated cashflow modelling software to demonstrate how long your money is likely to last in retirement.

What are the advantages of using Investment Quorum for retirement planning?

We offer valuable advice and expertise in retirement planning. Our services include helping you identify your goals and developing a bespoke plan to achieve them. We can also provide investment solutions, tax planning, guidance on pensions, and legacy planning.

How much should I spend in retirement?

The amount you should spend in retirement depends on your individual circumstances and lifestyle. It's important to create a budget and spend within your means. We can help you develop a bespoke financial plan based on your retirement goals, expected outgoings and other sources of income.

How do I withdraw an income from my pension?

Withdrawing funds from your pension can be complex and may vary depending on the type of plan you have. We can assist you in understanding your options and developing a withdrawal strategy that is both tax-efficient and tailored to your short and long-term needs.

How can I maximise my retirement savings?

One way to maximise your retirement savings is to contribute regularly to your pension and take advantage of compound interest and available tax relief. We can also advise you on an investment strategy tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon. As you near retirement, we may suggest shifting part of your wealth to a lower-risk strategy while leaving money you don't need for five or more years in a higher-risk strategy. A mixed portfolio gives you a level of protection while ensuring both your short- and long-term financial needs are met.

Important information

A pension is a long-term investment not normally accessible until age 55 (57 from April 2028). The value of your investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up which would have an impact on the level of pension benefits available.