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Expert Portfolio Management

We believe that our role as private client wealth managers is to provide quantified, well-researched and robust investment solutions to help our clients meet their financial objectives and aspirations. These will have been identified via the financial planning discovery process and will cover time horizons and risk appetite. This information will help determine investment objectives and appropriate asset class mixes.

Our overriding objective is to increase the long-term value of our clients’ financial assets in line with their objectives and appetite for risk. We do this by investing prudently across a wide spread of asset classes, targeting overall investment returns in line with the requirements jointly agreed by Investment Quorum and our clients, and in conjunction with the requirements of their financial plan.

The need to protect the real value of our clients’ assets is underpinned by our long-term financial planning strategy. This involves identifying and investing in those assets which are most likely to provide continuing growth and income or total return. We operate a core and satellite approach which involves a high proportion of assets being held in a strategic multi-asset class for the longer term and a smaller proportion available for investment within asset classes, markets and vehicles which offer opportunities for shorter-term tactical advantages within client portfolios.