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Investment Management

The final element. This is where we assist you move your investments forward by ensuring that the portfolio constructed has the best possible chance of meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We believe that capital entrusted to us by clients is precious. We actively build portfolios from managers who are considered to be ‘best of breed’ across all sectors, geographical areas and asset classes for optimum results. You are right to expect high standards of due diligence in all that we do and investment portfolio management is no exception.


Aiming for consistent returns we believe in:
Broad diversification at all levels to match risk toleranceblack and white city buildings in a blur
Long term strategic asset allocation
Use of specialists within sectors and asset classes

All underpinned by research, discipline and conviction

The investment services we offer clients include;
Multi-asset portfolios • Portfolio management
Alternative and leveraged investments
Portfolio lending (via our custody and trading partner)
Risk graded investment strategies • Absolute and total return strategies
Tactical cash solutions •  Multi-currency portfolio options

A Wealth Management strategy built around you 

At Investment Quorum we are proud to offer an award winning wealth management service comprising detailed financial planning based on your aspirations, goals and values and supported by comprehensive investment management solutions.  It is only by paying particularly close attention to your financial imperatives around planning, investments and retirement income that we can forge a relationship based upon clear and impartial advice. After all, it is your future you are looking to safeguard.


Our commentary on wealth
management matters