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Inspirational Financial Planning

Our gaining an understanding of your approach to lifestyle planning is the first step in creating a financial roadmap for you that accurately reflects your values and goals in life.

Making informed decisions

We use sophisticated financial modelling software to help you make informed financial decisions. Financial modelling is a highly effective way for us to demonstrate the impact that your financial choices will have in the future. It also provides a number of useful insights and answers to a number of key questions: when will you be able to retire? how much money should you be saving? how much can you afford to give away?

Being tax efficient

Taking care to ensure that your finances are structured in a tax-efficient way is key to growing your wealth. We will ensure that you are making full use of all available tax allowances. We can also advise on tax-efficient structures such as trusts for school fees or means of mitigating your inheritance tax liabilities.

Protecting your wealth

A key part of the planning process involves protecting assets and cash flows – both now and in the future – so that your lifestyle is not adversely affected by events that are beyond your control. We’ll advise you on the right type and level of insurance so as to limit these risks.

Investment approach

Our dedicated and experienced investment team adopts a structured and disciplined approach to the way in which it builds portfolios for our clients. We have a distinct preference for long-term investing and our investment philosophy is underpinned by the notion of growth with capital preservation. We also value the benefits of having a well diversified portfolio in terms of asset class, sector and geography.

Our boutique size is a distinct advantage – it gives us a certain agility while increasing the range of investment opportunities available to us. Indeed, our investment track record compares extremely favourably with those of our larger competitors.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of the confidence we have in what we do is that our interests are aligned with your own: the IQ team has significant personal assets invested in funds alongside our clients.

Financial discipline

Once we have produced and implemented your plan with you, we remain by your side, closely tracking and monitoring its implementation. As time goes by and financial markets and managers change, we’ll make the necessary tactical changes to your portfolio. We’ll keep a close eye on your budget, making sure that you adjust your habits to keep pace with inflation and take full advantage of all tax allowances. We’ll also be there to help you tackle any obstacles you may encounter as you navigate your way through any unexpected life events.