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Client Testimonials


“Thanks so much for your help today, you really went above and beyond of what could reasonably be expected of you. Same counts for Nick when he helped me out with an issue, I had two years back. Thanks a million, to the both of you.”

“We are really happy that you are looking after us with such care and greatly admire your judgement and how you run your company.”

“Investment Quorum is (to my mind) a top tier boutique Wealth Manager. The best reference I can give you is that Petronella has been assisting me with my financial affairs and with financial services for the past 26 years and (despite many overtures from other Wealth Managers and Financial Services providers) I haven’t come across anything better or more reliable.”

“Investment Quorum are somewhat unique in my experience, in that they provide expertise in a broad area of financial matters ; over the years they have advised me on pensions, mortgages, conducted regular financial reviews, including delicate matters of the heart & financial family planning , effectively providing a boutique personal service at reasonable charges that one might ordinarily expect for high net worth & larger financial institutional investors.”

“I will always be grateful for the care and expertise with which IQ handled a probate matter at time in ones life when you are grieving & at your most vulnerable. It is a testimony to the company that over the many years they have been advising , I have been dealing with many of the same personnel , always the sign of a well run outfit who look after both their clients and their staff, & as a result who know the history & nuances of ones ongoing transactions and affairs. Thank you IQ team, great work.” – Nick M

“I started to use IQ to manage my pension about 15 years ago, when I was introduced by one of my business partners. I have since transferred my and my wife’s ISAs to them, ask them to provide financial advice and pension services to all our employees and they now manage money for my four children. My experience is that they provide good holistic financial advice, operate a very efficient platform for a number of investment products and have delivered good returns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them” – Chris Curry, Managing Partner at Piper