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EU Referendum Statement

The recent EU referendum result will no doubt be difficult for the whole country to absorb and reflect upon.

For investors this will most definitely be true. However as professional wealth managers and investors, it is our role to assist you in times like these – unusual and historic as they are.

We were already positioned at the defensive end of our equities range which will assist, although not negate, downside risks.

Looking for positives during the inevitable turmoil we only have around 30% in UK equities and overseas equities will benefit from a weaker pound. Large cap funds also hold many companies with large overseas earnings which will again benefit.

Now is not the time for quick decisions or rash actions. Turmoil is just that, it is turmoil driven on emotion and sentiment not hard investment truths.

Be assured that we have seen market corrections like this before as recently as 2008 and 2011 and investors who stayed invested were quickly well rewarded upon the return of normality. Our chief Investment Officer has over forty years of experience in markets and is leading our portfolio and investment response alongside senior members of our Investment Committee.

We have noted that already many of the larger financial institutions are softening their tone and even stating that this could be good over the medium to the long term for the UK and the EU and the US have also taken a more positive stance than was previously the case.

Rest assured that we are aware how worrying for many the results may be but that we are working with your best intentions at heart to assist you and deal with the current market conditions and over the medium to longer term achieve your financial security and goals.

If you are at all concerned please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 337 1390.

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